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Thinking “Outside The Box”

Community Health Association Richmond MA, Community Health Association West Stockbridge MA

Emilie Jarrett RN, BSN
Director of The Community Health Association

Let's Get Into Real Good Health!!

I think a lot about staying healthy and how important it is to understand what good health really means. What does a healthy life look like and how is it expressed? Of course, there are the basics of taking care of our bodies by exercise, proper diet, and balance of rest and activity. But I believe that there is a deeper meaning of good health that includes and goes beyond this.

As a home health nurse, I have met many people in our community that are very inspiring, that even when dealing with serious medical conditions, they maintain a strength of spirit and dignity that seams to be untouched by what their bodies are going through. In my work, I’m continually impressed by the importance that attitude and outlook on life play in determining health. In the deepest sense of health, there is a foundation in each individual that comes from understanding that life is positive, and we each must take full responsibility for ourselves. The healthy person chooses to stay strong and steady throughout life’s challenges. Of course, there are times that we all suffer and have gratitude for the compassion expressed by others but in a very real sense, this gratitude itself is a sign of health.

Let’s expand a bit from the individual focus of health to one that involves a much bigger perspective. We all are affected by each other so you can see how our relationships build in a healthy way as each person continues to make the right choices in life. A strong community I believe shares the same values that promote the best in all of us.

So, what is good health and what does it look like? I believe that it is about living fully and absolutely, in a way that is free from the parameters of our physiology and arises from the depth of our humanity.

Community Health Association Richmond MA, Community Health Association West Stockbridge MA